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On Approaching Seventy

Watching the hands of my son kneading challah dough on the maple cutting board in my kitchen, a memory rises of my mother bending over our kitchen table in Flatbush, pressing, stretching, folding

Beard on Bread

I was pleased to see Michael Nischan, himself a two-time recipient of the James Beard award, give a shout-out to James Beard in this morning's New York Times And James Beard’s book

Nearly a Loaf a Day

Loaves 23 and 24—Mother's Christmas Bread—came out of the oven yesterday. This is a recipe Bernard Clayton traces back to Indiana in the 1870s, and it is easily my favorite among

The Kitchen is open for Holiday Baking

I started my holiday baking with something that is new and ambitious, the Obsessivore's Fruitcake from Bon Appétit. The recipe is written like a bread—you add a tiny amount of yeast and


Haven't posted about bread in a while. Here's a nice tribute to a skill that's foreign to me from The New Yorker. Gotta admit, though, I might have to think twice about that

Oatmeal Knots

Focused on rolls this week instead of bread—potato rolls, sweet potato rolls, and these oatmeal knots. The base is a rich dough of oatmeal, whole wheat flour, honey, and flaxseed meal, and