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Appropriate for me, too

accurate. — A Baked Joint (@ABakedJoint) December 19, 2016 This feels especially appropriate at this season, when I'm in the kitchen baking almost every day.


Baking bread is one of the most satisfying skills to have, and one of the most difficult ones to master. #sourdough — Rene Redzepi (@ReneRedzepiNoma) May 27, 2016 I'll

Cezanne├ęzannes-177th-birthday-today Cezanne's birthday was yesterday, and I just stumbled across this image of challah posted in his honor.

A New Rule of Thumb

If you wish to know the importance of sourdough bread, you should very well read about it. If you wish to know the importance of time, you must taste our sourdough bread. #sourdough

Historic Interest

I've got a holiday recipe from the late 1800s and a recipe for a shaker loaf that's probably older than that, but it would really please me to use a recipe that dates

Make Amazing Bagels at Home

[Eater DC shared a video showing how bagels are hand-rolled at Black Seed Bagels]( I want to quibble with the contention that the wood-fired