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Just because I've added a few posts about silence lately, here's something I wrote on another blog in 2010— At Twitter, Michelle James points the way to Emerson RT @swichman: "Real action

The Healing Art

A doctor, Rafael Campo, and three of his students discuss the importance of poetry to their work. I'm taken by the doctor's words "To me the patient's voice, the stories they have

Muscle Memory

The concluding stanzas of What the Heart Cannot Forget by Joyce Sutphen. In a decidedly unpoetic way, the image reminds me of the way my body feels when someone helps me exercise long

I want to be the $2000 Man

Fast Company reports on the winners of this year's Dyson Award. This is a pretty impressive device, offering a 20-degree improvement in range of motion. I'm puzzled that the target audience seems to

How Did I Miss this Kickstarter?

Just when you thought your smartphone was you can control cyborg cockroaches no thanks! — Eric Topol (@EricTopol) October 9, 2013 I [first heard about stuff like

A Wheelchair for Dancing

The Tampa Bay Times reports the [story of The Rolling Dance Chair]( This puts me in mind of [You Don't Need Feet to Dance](http: