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Just because I've added a few posts about silence lately, here's something I wrote on another blog in 2010— At Twitter, Michelle James points the way to Emerson RT @swichman: "Real action is

The Healing Art

A doctor, Rafael Campo [] , and three of his students [] discuss the

Muscle Memory

The concluding stanzas of What the Heart Cannot Forget [] by Joyce Sutphen. In a decidedly unpoetic way, the image reminds me of the

I want to be the $2000 Man

Fast Company reports on the winners of this year's Dyson Award. This is a pretty impressive device, offering a 20-degree improvement in range of motion. I'm puzzled that the target audience seems to

How Did I Miss this Kickstarter?

> Just when you thought your smartphone was you can control cyborg cockroaches no thanks! — Eric Topol (@EricTopol) October 9, 2013 [] I

A Wheelchair for Dancing

The Tampa Bay Times reports the [story of The Rolling Dance Chair]( This puts me in mind of [You Don't Need Feet to Dance](http: