The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

From The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a compendium of invented words written by John Koenig. Each original definition aims to fill a hole in the language—to give a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yet have a word for.

All words in this dictionary are new. They were not necessarily intended to be used in conversation, but to exist for their own sake; to give a semblance of order to a dark continent, so you can settle it yourself on your own terms, without feeling too lost—safe in the knowledge that we’re all lost.

Author John Koenig has more to say at TED.

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Nothing I saw when I read Narrow Road to the Interior struck me with the immediacy of this quotation. Maybe it's time for another look.

And at the basho4humanity site

The attachment to Oldness
is the very worst disease
a poet can have.

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