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What sticks with me

What sticks with me from a graduate seminar in American Puritan Literature. I don't remember how we wandered so far afield, but I'm glad we did. Thomas Kinsella has died. A poet of

Poetry and Baking

Maria Popova spies John Keats combining the two. “The best of Men have… a kind of spiritual yeast in their frames which creates the ferment of existence — by which a Man is propell’

One poet on another

“Yeats sometimes gave the impression of being even a worse idiot than I am.” —Ezra Pound https://t.co/6QLqxLNCDN — The Paris Review (@parisreview) May 8, 2019

It's almost in here

“Perhaps the best way to keep the spirits of loved ones alive is to allow them to continue living within us.” —Rita Dove on Ted Kooser’s beautiful “Parents” https://t.co/NbhymmnkiF