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What sticks with me

What sticks with me from a graduate seminar in American Puritan Literature. I don't remember how we wandered so far afield, but I'm glad we did. > Thomas Kinsella has died. A poet of

Poetry and Baking

Maria Popova spies John Keats combining the two. > “The best of Men have… a kind of spiritual yeast in their frames which creates the ferment of existence — by which a Man is propell’

One poet on another

> “Yeats sometimes gave the impression of being even a worse idiot than I am.” —Ezra Pound https://t.co/6QLqxLNCDN — The Paris Review (@parisreview) May 8, 2019 [https://twitter.com/parisreview/status/1126049600211697665?

It's almost in here

> “Perhaps the best way to keep the spirits of loved ones alive is to allow them to continue living within us.” —Rita Dove on Ted Kooser’s beautiful “Parents” https://t.co/NbhymmnkiF