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Poetry and Baking

Maria Popova spies John Keats combining the two. > “The best of Men have… a kind of spiritual yeast in their frames which creates the ferment of existence — by which a Man is propell’

Wise baker

> View this post on Instagram [] Take time for yourself. It's not just bread dough that needs to rest. 🥖 From your

The Significance of Baking

> Best yet, through baking we relive our connections with the people we’re now separated from. I make a crumble and remember my sister teaching me to rub the cold butter and flour

Old Yeast

> “I don’t understand why everyone is so interested in this, but I’m happy that they are,” said Seamus Blackley, who baked the ancient bread. “It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate


> procrastibaking pp. Putting off an important or urgent task by baking. — Word Spy (@wordspy) June 27, 2018 []

A library I need to visit

> In St. Vith, Belgium, there’s a most unusual library. Unusual, that is, because the objects on its shelves need to be fed every few months. Burbling away in refrigerators are 105 sourdough