A library I need to visit

Turns out Puratos offers a variety of recipes and information at its site, and the sourdough library has its own site.

An old image

A baker and his wife proudly show off their freshly baked goods. An old inscription on the back of the painting gives the couple's name. The boy is also mentioned; he is the painter's son. Jan Steen combined several genres in a single painting. It is simultaneously a portrait, a depiction of a profession, and a still life of bread. The Baker Arent Oostwaard and his Wife, Catharina Keizerswaard, Jan Havicksz. Steen, 1658 #rijksmuseum #amsterdam #art by @rijksmuseum

The process probably hasn't changed much in the intervening years. I wonder if those are pretzels hanging in the background. They're one of my next baking projects.


I haven't made very much challah lately, but there's an article in this week's Times that shows a way to braid a loaf with six strands of dough (and the ingredient list includes orange juice and olive oil). That's an invitation to get busy once all the holiday baking is done with.

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