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Old Yeast

> “I don’t understand why everyone is so interested in this, but I’m happy that they are,” said Seamus Blackley, who baked the ancient bread. “It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate

Speaking of Bread

> SCOBY n. A gelatinous mass formed by the interaction of bacteria and yeast and used in the production of foods and beverages such as sourdough bread and kombucha. — Word

A library I need to visit

> In St. Vith, Belgium, there’s a most unusual library. Unusual, that is, because the objects on its shelves need to be fed every few months. Burbling away in refrigerators are 105 sourdough

That's a long time

> The microorganisms that live in Boudin Bakery’s sourdough starter have been kept alive since 1849 — Atlas Obscura (@atlasobscura) November 26, 2017 [