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One big pannetone

Italian Bakery Breaks Holiday Record With a 308-Pound Panettone — — Mental Floss (@mental_floss) December 20, 2017 I still haven't tackled panettone. When I do,

An old image

video.instagram, img.instagram {width: 100% !important; height: auto !important;} A baker and his wife proudly show off their freshly baked goods. An old inscription on the back of the painting gives the

Looks like he means business

New Workshop: How to bake the perfect loaf. With 5th generation baker, Tom Herbert. May 12th. Cardigan. — Do Lectures (@DoLectures) January 15, 2017 In


In preparation for Hanukkah, @NinaBadzin on the ritual + community in making challah: — On Being (@onbeing) December 22, 2016 I haven't made very much challah

A Bissel of the Good Stuff

From the New York Times today, in an article about latkes— Mr. Rose provided me with one final tip before I headed for my own kitchen. “Remember, this is a grandmother’s recipe,


And as I removed it from the toaster I remembered a quote about why the Poilane family likes making things with dough — it’s because they disappear. From last night's broadcast of The