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Don't Fear the Pause

David Brooks offers some terrific advice for making conversations count in Nine Nonobvious Ways to have Deeper Conversations. His counsel not to fear the pause Most of us stop listening to a comment


“Music opens a path into the realm of silence.” How Bach will save your soul – lovely read on the power of music from a forgotten German philosopher: — Explore


This insane anti-distraction helmet from 1925 would fit into any modern open office — Co.Exist (@FastCoExist) April 4, 2016 The Fast Company article hints

Recognize the Silence

"Learn to be quiet enough to hear the sound of the genuine within yourself so you can hear it in others." ~Marian Wright Edelman — Zen Essentials (@ZenEssentials) March 26, 2015


Just because I've added a few posts about silence lately, here's something I wrote on another blog in 2010— At Twitter, Michelle James points the way to Emerson RT @swichman: "Real action