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Robot Followup

Minnesota is sending eight robots to nursing homes in the state. These models can even "teach" yoga classes.

But how long will it take for an answer?

Amazon’s Alexa is coming to a hospital near you“Alexa, tell my nurse to bring me a blanket.”Fast CompanyRuth Reader [

ER Room Redesigned. Hallelujah!

The ER Experience is definitely not one of the happiest I've known. Fast Company tells of a reengineering [

Care Bots

Care Bots

> ‘Care bots’ are on the rise and replacing human caregivers — Guardian US (@GuardianUS) June 3, 2021 []

Contactless Medicine

Smart Speakers Could One Day Be Contactless Heart MonitorsAs it turns out, smart speakers have proven to be handy in hospitals, allowing patients to independently control devices, as well as lessen the workload