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Timely Observation

"Above all, I think, a physical shock like COVID-19 is a reminder that the world is a physical place," @billmckibben writes, in his latest newsletter. "That’s easy to forget

More technology at the ball park

Clear, the company that lets people skip the TSA pre-check lines at airports, has announced it is teaming up with Major League Baseball and to introduce biometric ticketing at participating ballparks


Iceland has created 3D crosswalks and speed bumps to slow down traffic — Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) March 28, 2018

Why does it cost so much?

As technology moves forward, cost puts up new obstacles for people with disabilties — Pacific Standard (@PacificStand) July 6, 2016 An elegant statement of the

Wireless Monitoring

In the age of the Internet, you can do almost anything wirelessly. This is especially intriguing in the health care field where professionals can monitor the data of patients without having to be

An Important Point

Stop Saying #Technology is Causing Social Isolation. Just stop. #socialmedia — Vladimir Vulic (@vulicvladimir) January 6, 2016 And a point that at least needs to