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Top 5 Movies about Stroke

I really agree with StrokeSmart’s choice of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as the leading movie about stroke and am anxious to see Amour. I’m disappointed that Starting Out in

Forster and Smith

I decided during the election that Howards End would be a great book to reread. I was right.I learned while I was doing it that Zadie Smith's On Beauty was a retelling

March of Literature

Just realized that I never reported that I read and enjoyed After Dark by Haruki Murakami. I wouldn't attempt to say what it's about, but like all the Murakami I've read—The Wild

Kindle for iPhone

I should have been all over Wordpress yesterday. I have just arranged to receive a largish reimbursement for a newsletter I put together for Toastmasters, and I was pretty much settled on using

What I'm Reading

Angler is the book that's claiming most of my attention now, though E. B. White's One Man's Meat and Tess of the D'Urbervilles are also open on my shelf. I haven't done an