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A good question

> “I approach every reading decision with the same question: not just ‘Will this be good?’ but ‘Even if it’s good, will I wish that I’d spent those hours rereading Middlemarch instead?

A little rehab history

Mary Beard surprises with this bit 0f information about the Roman Catiline's lineage in SPQR: > Among his blue-blooded forebears, his great-grandfather was a hero of the war against Hannibal, with the extra claim


> #WordsofWisdom [https://twitter.com/hashtag/WordsofWisdom?src=hash] from the great author and poet Rainer Maria Rilke. pic.twitter.com/cvCQg3FHcH [http://t.co/cvCQg3FHcH] — Big Think (@bigthink) June 18, 2015 [https://twitter.

If you build it...

At dinner with a friend Saturday the conversation drifted to what's wrong with baseball. The video replay got specific mention; there were mutterings about they're trying to fix what isn't broken, they're making

Beating Yoda and Nike to the Punch

I've just set out on reading Perry Miller's Life of the Mind in America (the third volume) and have been delighted to find that to Charles Grandison Finney, one of the key figures

In my end is my beginning...

> Sometimes I encounter evidence that I've learned something over the years. This confuses me, since I thought I knew everything back then. — Anil Dash (@anildash) April 4, 2014 [https://twitter.com/anildash/statuses/