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A little rehab history

Mary Beard surprises with this bit 0f information about the Roman Catiline's lineage in SPQR: > Among his blue-blooded forebears, his great-grandfather was a hero of the war against Hannibal, with the extra claim

Just because I save these things

> Object of intrigue: the prosthetic iron hand of a 16th-century knight [] — Atlas Obscura (@atlasobscura) October 20, 2016 [

Printed Casts

> Plaster Casts On A Broken Limb In 2016? Please Print Out Mine! - The Medical Futurist [] — Nick van Terheyden (@drnic1) March

Deserves a Mention

> This girl designed her own superhero prosthetic arm, and it shoots sparkles [] — Fast Company (@FastCompany) March 28, 2016 [

3D-printed Brace

> Carolina Panthers player could be first to wear 3D-printed brace in an NFL game [] — Mashable (@mashable) February 5, 2016 [https://twitter.

Impressive When I read that line about a game controller I thought this might be a DIY project. If you check the linked article and video, you'll