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More technology at the ball park

> Clear, the company that lets people skip the TSA pre-check lines at airports, has announced it is teaming up with Major League Baseball and to introduce biometric ticketing at participating ballparks

My thoughts exactly...

> Michael’s essay on curling: “I will stick with baseball, the game God invented. The game the Apostles played. Admittedly there's a lot of standing around and scratching and curlers might find it

Evolving for the better?

Baseball continues to tinker with its rules in a quest to shorten games and capture eyeballs. (The conversation at CBC Sunday also mentions that many parks continue to install attractions and conveniences that

If you build it...

At dinner with a friend Saturday the conversation drifted to what's wrong with baseball. The video replay got specific mention; there were mutterings about they're trying to fix what isn't broken, they're making