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> “Music opens a path into the realm of silence.” How Bach will save your soul – lovely read on the power of music from a forgotten German philosopher: — Explore (@Explorer)

Music for productivity

> What's the best music for productivity? [] — Big Think (@bigthink) July 30, 2017 [] I've usually got

Music to the Last

> "Listen to music religiously, as if it were the last strain you might hear." #Thoreau [] #Quote [] — Henry David Thoreau

How like a Zen Master

This thought got my attention yesterday for its beauty, and it got me thinking about the number of times a Persian poet showed up in a Zen stream. > "Poems are rough notations for

Music and the Brain

Just in time, something I can repost for Brain Awareness Week > For #BrainAwarenessWeek [], 7 fascinating reads on music, emotion, and the brain