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> This insane anti-distraction helmet from 1925 would fit into any modern open office https://t.co/6izMgBj0oH pic.twitter.com/vpBCjZPeL7 [https://t.co/vpBCjZPeL7] — Co.Exist (@FastCoExist) April 4, 2016 [https://twitter.



Unplug: Only $1200

> A German spa hotel will let you cut off all Wi-Fi and cellular signals in your room, so you can live in the moment http://t.co/04NEVz4XoU — Co.Exist (@FastCoExist) July 3,

Stunning Juxtaposition

These two posts appeared side by side in my Twitter stream. > "I have come to think of beauty as a core moral value." —@kristatippett [https://twitter.com/kristatippett] — On Being (@Beingtweets) April 17,


> What would you do without wi-fi? pic.twitter.com/t8szQFzszP [http://t.co/t8szQFzszP] — Grammarly (@Grammarly) March 28, 2015 [https://twitter.com/Grammarly/status/581622422928891904]

Retro Message

http://aaknopf.tumblr.com/post/114579420938I still use an Austin Kleon wallpaper that reminds me to Read a Book Instead. Here's a reminder from another time.