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A novelist on language

For years my favorite line in Middlemarch has been Lady Chettam's He is a gentleman. I heard him talking to Humphrey. He talks well. Now it's got some competition. > ‘The strongest slang of

Eliot's 200th Birthday is soon

> Great tweet, @nathankhensley [https://twitter.com/nathankhensley?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] And wow—you got to take a photo of the Middlemarch manuscript? Is that because it is touring? Or is this one

Middlemarch, the series

I definitely don't want to lose track of this. For years I've been telling anyone who cared to listen (or was forced to) that Middlemarch is the greatest novel of all time. Now,

Eliot's house

> Michael Bloomberg now owns George Eliot's house. @Rebeccamead_NYC [https://twitter.com/Rebeccamead_NYC] draws lessons for the ex-mayor from "Middlemarch." http://t.co/KXFj9gSVzd — TNY Culture Desk (@CultureDesk) July 29, 2015 [https:

Calling Dr Lydgate

http://classicpenguin.tumblr.com/post/111872903679/for-the-young-doctor-about-to-burn-out Middlemarch makes an unexpected, but apprciated, appearance.


> "I do not feel very confident that I can make anything satisfactory of Middlemarch." - George Eliot writing to John Blackwood, 11 Sept. 1869 — Oxford Classics (@OWC_Oxford) July 31, 2014 [https://twitter.