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What the future holds

> should surely be a sort of natural priesthood, whom life has disciplined and consecrated to be the refuge and rescue of early stumblers and victims of self-despair. — George Eliot (@GeorgeEliot_) March 16, 2021

Another quotation

> “People will talk,” he said. “Even if a man has been acquitted by a jury, they’ll talk." — George Eliot (@GeorgeEliot_) February 13, 2021 [https://twitter.com/GeorgeEliot_/status/1360701048965521408?ref_src=twsrc%

Eliot on aging

> “One has to spend so many years in learning how to be happy.” George Eliot died 140 years ago today, leaving us some tremendous literature and her lived lesson in why we grow

As the election is finally called for Biden

> Not without some triumphant amusement. — George Eliot (@GeorgeEliot_) November 7, 2020 [https://twitter.com/GeorgeEliot_/status/1325114767934189570?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] > I weep for joy — William Shakespeare (@Wwm_Shakespeare) November 7, 2020 [https:

For our times

> What quarrel, what harshness, what unbelief in each other can subsist in the presence of a great calamity, when all the artificial vesture of our life is gone, and we are all one

New Hampshire?

> OH in coffee line: Feels like this is a Hong Kong moment for us. Wonder when the streets will be filled for days with protests. — Jeffrey Cufaude (@jc46202) February 12, 2020 [https://twitter.