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Alarms for Medical Devices

I hope doctors, hospital administrators, and medical device manufacturers are paying attention to To Reduce Hospital Noise, Researchers Create Alarms That Whistle and Sing. Yoko Sen, an electronic musician, observed after a hospital

I must have got that one wrong

A hospital introduced a robot to help nurses. They didn’t expect it to be so popular — Fast Company (@FastCompany) July 8, 2019 At the link— While Moxi’

Mind Blown

There's a 10 year old Houston boy named Savion in this vid & a moment where he's talking about his "new girlfriend" which is adorable. Enjoy #futurehu


Back to robots and health care. This time with video. Not much of it comforting (to me). via The New York Times

When truth is stranger than fiction

The Senate Finance Committee's #GrahamCassidy hearing has been postponed so that those directly impacted by the bill can be ejected. — Mark Warner (@MarkWarner) September 25, 2017