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At The Washington Post, [] Virgil Thomson, via Oanh Ngo Usadi, suggests a variation on the "die three times [https://mikeschultz.ghost.


> At the restaurant Spyce, dishes are whipped up by a robotic chef built by four recent M.I.T. grads, with input from Daniel Boulud:

Deserves Note and Attention

> A message for @JeffBezos []! [] — Alice Waters (@AliceWaters) June 16, 2017 []

Wrap Up

Clafouti was quite pleasant. Just having to write it wasn't a hot fudge sundae confirms it isn't an American (peach cobbler?) dessert. I wish I would have made more—I was spooked by

The Main Attraction

Dinner was Poulets Grilles A La Diable and Haricots Verts A La Provencale. In a word, Wow! Choosing a main course was the most difficult and disappointing part of the whole process. While

Pain Francais

Out in the kitchen there are three nice-looking loaves of French Bread just starting their final rise before going to the oven. I started putting them together at about 9:00 this morning.