Life in Trump's America

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Maybe blockbuster news

Susan Glasser writes "This reads like a memo to Merrick Garland..." This reads like a memo to Merrick Garland… — Susan Glasser (@sbg1) March 28, 2022

Another quotation

“People will talk,” he said. “Even if a man has been acquitted by a jury, they’ll talk." — George Eliot (@GeorgeEliot_) February 13, 2021

Just a couple of quotations

What would George Orwell say today? “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” ~George Orwell, 1984 — @KHShan (@KHShan) February

You be the judge

Kellyanne Conway tells Bill Maher Americans 'better off' thanks to Trump — Guardian US (@GuardianUS) January 16, 2021 4000 dying a day. Economy in tatters. International humiliation.

Jared Kushner on competence

Of the many embarrassing things Jared Kushner has said out loud in the presence of a reporter, the one that sticks out most as the country hurtles toward a possible 450,000 COVID-19

As the election is finally called for Biden

Not without some triumphant amusement. — George Eliot (@GeorgeEliot_) November 7, 2020 I weep for joy — William Shakespeare (@Wwm_Shakespeare) November 7, 2020 Cars now honking happily in streets of DC. —