Evolving for the better?

Baseball continues to tinker with its rules in a quest to shorten games and capture eyeballs. (The conversation at CBC Sunday also mentions that many parks continue to install attractions and conveniences that themselves distract from the game people have come to see.) I come from another time—bring a glove, keep score, snack on hot dogs, peanuts, and beer instead of fancy food. Stay in the game. Enjoying a game requires a certain amount of attention to what's happening on the field—watching the strategy and the duels between players, appreciating strikeouts, terrific fielding plays and, especially, savoring inside-the-ballpark hits and well-executed hit-and-runs and sacrifices as well as monster home runs. If you're posting to Facebook and Instagram,chances are the game is not the first thing on your mind. It always bothers me that people can't take time to spend to watch a ball game, no more, and enjoy it with their friends.I'm still with Rabbit Redux. For me, baseball is fine as it is.