April 22, 2013

Here's Why I bought a Fitbit

This study is reported at Medical News Today with the headline ”Stroke Survivors Benefit From Regular, Brisk Outdoor Walks” and contains the following

Previous studies have already suggested that exercise that doesn’t put undue stresson the body can help stroke survivors increase their quality of life, but these have mainly studied the effect of indoor activities such as walking on a treadmill or using an exercise bike.“Little is known about the effects of community-based walking programs in persons with chronic stroke,” write the authors.

So lead author and physical therapy lecturer Carron Gordon and colleagues decided to carry out a randomized controlled trial to investigate effects of aerobic training, namely walking outdoors, on stroke survivors.

Early results indicate I’m a long way from the 6000-steps-a-week recommendation I saw in another journal, but I can at least make sure I’m active.

Here's why I bought a Fitbit