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Endless Possibilities

This film is just amazing. RT @guardianfilm: World exclusive trailer for Edwyn Collins's post-stroke documentary: — Letters of Note (@LettersOfNote) September 16, 2014 The Guardian web site

Air Splint

Added a new tool to my arsenal today, an air splint. Jon, the OT, used it to immobilize my arm while he used manual motion and electrotherapy on my shoulder.


One of the small, but deeply felt, frustrations in my life is the inability to use chopsticks easily. I've worked at it— but it's not as easy or as successful as I want

...endless grey corridor...

"The hard part comes when the adrenaline recedes and you have to set out down the endless grey corridor..." — BrainLine (@BrainLine) July 24, 2014 Specifically written

Strange Country

At The New York Times Nora Johnson offer a brief, but shatteringly accurate, description of a stroke's effect But that was before the stroke. Now he’s wandering through strange country. That sounds

Habit: In Praise of Subtitles

Listening to a radio broadcast of Eugene Onegin this afternoon prompts me to copy this old post— At the HD broadcast of Eugene Onegin, subtitles have given me more insight into the characters