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My Perfect Mind

Ben Brantley's review of My Perfect Mind at The New York Times today is prompting me to read King Lear again and making me wish I could head to New York to watch

Where Can I Try This?

Virtual reality for stroke rehab @BW @MindMazeSA #CDoM — Eric Topol (@EricTopol) May 1, 2015 Looks like MindMaze is a start.

Brain Stimulation

This report from the PBS NewsHour got my attention with the news that researchers are looking into the possibility that mild electrical stimulation of the brain might improve plasticity. I had to wait

Amen to that

Learning to walk is hard enough. But learning to walk again...? — Metro Connection (@wamumetro) January 26, 2015 This is quite a story of persistence and achievement.

Regeneration — Natl Stroke Assoc (@natlstrokeassoc) November 27, 2014

Muscle Memory

The concluding stanzas of What the Heart Cannot Forget by Joyce Sutphen. In a decidedly unpoetic way, the image reminds me of the way my body feels when someone helps me exercise