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Even More Perspective

Christine Hyung-Oak Lee, a stroke victim, has just published her narrative of her recovery. A New York Times review shows that she has managed to articulate a perspective on her experience that I've

A model for us all

Six years ago, my wife @GabbyGiffords was almost killed. But she has seized her 2nd chance at life & at service. — Mark Kelly (@ShuttleCDRKelly)


*Typing this caption with my left hand only* — Did You Know? (@DidYouKnowFacts) November 4, 2016 I wonder if my wife agrees (then again, maybe it's what kept me

VR for Stroke Patients

Virtual Reality Stroke Rehab Sees Real-World Results @Ianthebush #WCNR2016 — MindMaze (@MindMazeSA) May 16, 2016

Robots for stroke care

Robots Help Doctors Improve Care for #Stroke Patients #medicine #technology — MindMaze (@MindMazeSA) February 11, 2016 Combines robotic care and strokes.

Amen to that

"Having one hand is my complete reality, not a half a reality. I don't see two-handers ruing the fact that they don't have three." BJ Miller —