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Slow Down

> "Take more time, cover less ground." —Thomas Merton [] [] — Jeffrey Cufaude


> "I wanted to walk because walking is slow and simple and difficult." — Banff Mountain Fest (@BanffMtnFest) January 13, 2019 []

There are advantages

> Walter Isaacson says going through Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks gave him a profound appreciation for paper: “Its battery never runs down. Its operating system never goes out of style…”


> Smartphones are killing the planet faster than anyone expected [] — Fast Company (@FastCompany) March 27, 2018 [

Snowy Solitude

> Written February 3, 1857, in his "Journal," vol. IX, p.236 [] — Walden Woods Project (@TheWaldenWoods) December 12, 2017 [

The Case for No Interruptions

> "Working while receiving e-mails and phone calls reduces a worker’s IQ by about ten points relative to working uninterrupted." @TheEconomist []