Scott Expedition

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An Interesting Use of Drones

In this national park, the only way to visit is via livestreaming drones — Co.Exist (@FastCoExist) January 13, 2015 Here's a pointer to an

Speaking of Scott...

Blimey. A friend of my mum's has a copy of The Worst journey in the World signed by two of Scott's men — Ben Saunders

Noting Loss

The Writer's Almanac reports that today is the anniversary of the last entry in Robert Falcon Scott's diary. Writer's Almanac also passes on Scott's record of his disappointment at learning that Roald Amundsen

The Next Antarctic Expedition

"Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all." Sir Ernest Shackleton. — Team ITACE (@ITACE2014) March 17, 2014 Team ITACE, the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Centenary Expedition, has 228 days until its polar

In the spirit of...

"The only true failure would be not to explore."Shackleton's historic expedition, illustrated — Maria Popova (@brainpicker) February 27, 2014 Not