Dissapointing that the Washington Post's article on the Philadelphia Orchestra's use of the mobile app LiveNote to enhance user experience at performances doesn't seem to have attracted much attention from readers or local arts organizations. There's a really negative reaction in the Post comments, a cursory Tweet from the Post's music critic, and a handful of posts echoing the article's headline. I want to believe that the commenter's objections reflect a general aversion to technology rather than any specific harm. I've not had a chance to use an app like LiveNote, but I can't see that the distractions it may create are more disruptive than the audience conversations, paper rustling, and accidental phone ringing that we are already experiencing. I'd like to see what the app can deliver and how the audience reacts.

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The video linked here increases my respect for musicians and makes me hope I never let my phone go off during a performance. I've got a hunch that if performance spaces showed a clip like those linked here before concerts instead of the dry announcements they usually make (or if performers played a familar ring tone), they'd connect with audiences more strongly and reduce the number of performance interruptions.

Opera on Glass

It happened. More posts if I find them.

There were some reservations.

Supertitles on Handhelds?

I've got to

  • find out more about this
  • find out if tickets are still available
  • find out who else knows about it
  • find out what people are saying about it

This is an idea with a lot of potential, but all the extra light, the potential for device-generated noise, raise a lot of questions, too.

Sturm und Drang: Louis Lortie at Kennedy Center

Louis Lortie seemed to have the goal of setting a world record for the piano's dynamic range Friday night. I had really looked forward to the performance, but I left disappointed. Lortie's playing seemed evocative and expressive when he let things quiet down, but he spent most of the evening at aggressive, excessive, and unpleasant volume. Here's what I tweeted on my way home

and [here's the local review](
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