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View this post on Instagram I learned from @themarthabeck that there is a beautiful Japanese word for this play of windy light through leaves: komorebi. Which might just displace tsundoku as my favorite

Wagner like you've never heard it before

Jeremy Denk played this in recital Saturday during an “iPod shuffle” of seven eclectic pieces exploring ragtime. I agree with the YouTube commenters—this composer's work needs to be more widely known.


Dissapointing that the Washington Post's article on the Philadelphia Orchestra's use of the mobile app LiveNote to enhance user experience at performances doesn't seem to have attracted much attention from readers or local


Wonderful videos of mid-concert ringtones, and performers' greatest responses via @blingulator — Tom Chatfield (@TomChatfield) September 5, 2014 The video linked here increases my respect for musicians and

Opera on Glass

It happened. More posts if I find them. #Glassingtonians sitting on the lawn, prepped and ready to see supertitles through their Google Glass during Carmen! — Wolf Trap (@Wolf_

Supertitles on Handhelds?

Wolf Trap to unveil smartphone and Google Glass supertitles for opera performances ... via @washingtonpost — Daniel Pink (@DanielPink) July 3, 2014 I've got to find out more about this