July 10, 2014


A lot of us suck at sleep. But exactly how do we suck at it? Do we toss and turn a lot? Snore? Are we roused by outside noises? Well, the new Misfit Beddit Sleep System promises to answer those questions.

from a review of the new Beddit by Misfit

One of the most frustrating days I ever spent was the day I got the results of a sleep study ordered by a cardiologist. I couldn't avoid feeling that I was being told that even though I had grown into adulthood I hadn't mastered the art of sleeping. This reviewer introduces his topic by telling us that a lot of us haven't quite got sleeping down.

I sleep with a CPAP now and find it only marginally less frustrating. The biggest missing piece in my estimation is feedback—the device may be working well and I may be using it correctly, but I don't find out until I disassemble the machine, pack it up, and lug it to the doctor, who reads the data saved on a small chip. Seems to me that more can be accomplished with less effort with the next morning, every morning kind of data this system promises. I like everything about Beddit but that price tag. I'll definitely find out more.