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Montreal Bagel Endangered?

The New York Times reports [] that there's an environmental threat to the Montreal bagel: > The battle heated up late last year when rumors began to circulate that a City

Bagel Famine—Unthinkable

> In the 1960s, bagel bakers were paid far more than even policemen or engineers, which meant that they had incredible leveraging power to renegotiate their contracts. When they went on strike, they plunged

Striking a nerve...

I've seen this twice in a very short time. At this moment the original post has been retweeted 380 times and liked 3287 times. > I’m supposed to head to St. Louis tomorrow

The secret

> NYC, bagels, and Gertrude Berg [] — Big Think (@bigthink) July 22, 2017 []

Remember This

On the wall at the Salt Bagel pop-up in Alexandria, Virginia. The quotation is taken from Ed Levine's article Was Life Better When Bagels Were Smaller? [] at The New

Gotta Hurry...

The Jewish Museum says this image by Weegee is one of the most popular items in its online collection in 2015