February 7, 2014

They did it!

Between eight and nine local time, last night. I don't think I've watched anything so keenly since the moon landing.

Later (The Twitter feed is more up to date and timely)— The end of the [last day's post](http://scottexpedition.com/blog/the-final-steps-and-reaching-forward)— >Right now it's time for more food and sleep, but I'll write again soon. Thank you all so much for following, for thinking of us, and for your messages and comments. With my brain addled and dulled by so much hard physical work and by so little in the way of rest and recovery, it's often been a struggle to do this journey justice in words and I fear I've fallen short on many occasions, but I hope you've enjoyed the story. Perhaps the best line I can think of to end on today is a piece of advice Tarka gave me several weeks ago on improving my skiing technique, but it's something that holds true for pretty much everything in life: **"With each step, try to reach a bit further forward than you think you can"**.

The emphasis in that citation is mine. It just points out that there's a lot for a stroke patient to learn from a journey to the South Pole. I was spellbound by Ben's storytelling alomg his way. If he really fears that he's not done justice to the trip, I can hardly wait to hear the tales he has to tell at TED and more.