The Need for Speed

I was stunned the other night as I listened to a rebroadcast of Jian Ghomeschi interviewing Aisha Tyler. The two talked about the pace of their lives, and the exchange went something like this as the talked turned to visiting a farmer's market—

Aisha: This what people do, just walk around drinking coffee....This must be what it's like to be human. So I am trying to do more of that. But I also feel like God this is...

Jian: You're doing great job of doing that.'re a sketch artist...I'm being sarcastic. I'm not being kind. You're doing an incredibly terrible deficient job of trying to make it to the farmer's market. I do want to get the farmer's market.

Aisha: Ths is a platitude. I know this platiduninal. I do feel like life is very brief and could be over at any minute and if you haven't done the stuff you wanted to do it's your own fault.

Jian: You're preaching to the choir. I'm asking you these questions because I feel the same way. But I do want to get to the farmer's market more; I just don't know how to do it. I love the farmer's market...As long as I can read the book I need to read for the next day's show at the farmer's market.

I've been busy, but I've never felt so driven before and at so much of a loss. That called to mind something I had just seen elsewhere—

And that reminded me of quote I had seen at Creative Mornings some time ago.