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A word for our times

These days, many of us feel anxious, disoriented and uncertain about the ground we stand on. Carlos Alberto Sanchez @locoprof, professor of philosophy at San Jose State University, says Mexican philosophy has a


“Words are never ‘only words’; they matter because they define the contours of what we can do.” Slavoj Žižek — Philosophy On Ice (@PhilosophyOI) November 9, 2020


How to recover from the grief caused by the pandemic? "The word 'healing' is derived from the word ‘whole,'" writes @DrAmithaMD. "Healing then is a return to


"Ukeireru is a word used in Japan to describe the acceptance of people and things around us. Not a cultural experience, but a way of life." https://t.co/bNdb8nfoZK pic.

Positive Lexicography

From “utepils” (Norwegian, “beer that is enjoyed outside, particularly on the first hot day of the year”) to “mbuki-mvuki” (Bantu, “to shed clothes to dance uninhibited”), the Positive Lexicography Project gathers untranslatable words

A New Term Coined

This is how to stay sane for the next 15+ days: 1. Exercise every day. 2. Try "social closening" -- Pick up the phone and call someone. 3. Meditate. 4. Do