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Amen to that

Learning to walk is hard enough. But learning to walk again...? http://t.co/oumoptsByY — Metro Connection (@wamumetro) January 26, 2015 This is quite a story of persistence and achievement.

Walking and Thinking

Via Tanner Christensen, Friedrich Nietzsche offers his thought on the connection of walking and thinking. All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. Christenen has quite a bit to say, too.


What do Aristotle, Wordsworth, Dickens & Thoreau have in common? They walked. A lot. #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/IIb85vTOhy — Fitbit (@fitbit) October 23, 2014

The Benefits of Walking

I've posted quite a bit about walking lately, and this essay by Ferris Jabr at The New Yorker got my attention not just for explaining the benefits of walking so clearly but also

This is a shocker

There's really a shock in this story from NPR titled "Surrounded by Digital Distractions, We Can't Even Stop to Think"— Stripped of their books, cellphones and other distractions, many, including a

The confidence of walking

I'm starting to feel like I should just mirror Paul Salopek's posts here. Why do we get pleasure out of walking? Walking is a kind of self-sufficiency, a confidence in the body. —