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A poet considers aging

"Life's short span forbids us to enter on far-reaching hopes." - 'Odes. Book One' Horace died #OTD 8 BC. https://t.co/5uLbpFVpzq — Oxford Classics (@OWC_


...though we sang in our (social media) chains like the sea. https://t.co/RHQ8XDyebH — Tim Carman (@timcarman) April 24, 2015 Count me emphatically in the 6.7% who have read


How do we celebrate our diminishment as we age? We "reject the world as ugly." @ParkerJPalmer on beauty: http://t.co/qy3yc4RmYj — On Being (@Beingtweets) March 25, 2015 The link

Literary Idolatry

The New York Times writes today of the discovery of the bones of Cervantes and the hold that the burial places of famous writers have on people. I'm one of those who have

April means Poetry Month

A. A. Knopf reminds us that Poetry Month is coming with this lovely lyric by Jane Hirshfield Quartz Clock The ideas of a physicist can be turned into useful objects: a rocket, a

The Bagel

Who'd have thought there was poem about a bagel? How could I not notice when I'm using a bread-baking theme? By David Ignatow; given today at The Writer's Almanac. I stopped to pick