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A final treat in Pittsburgh was Fontinella cheese purchased in the Strip Saturday with breakfast. This cheese has great flavor and a real pleasing texture. It is not your typical supermarket cheese, and

Down the Street to Wholey's

This picture doesn't do justice to the seafood you can find at Wholey's [http://www.wholey.com]. Taken today with Monkfish for only $9.98 a pound and Pike for about the same.

The Pictures I Missed

Most of these posts were made after I got home and put the phone on charge. I can't share lunch at Pamela's [http://www.pamelasdiner.com], Mon Aimee Chocolat [http://www.monaimeechocolat.com]

An Enemy in the Street

Almost forgot to post the first snap I made when I got to the Strip. When you're in Pittsburgh, it's hard to forget that you're in Steeler territory. I had too much pride

Mung Bean Pancakes are First Stop

Mung bean pancakes on Penn Avenue have been my favorite down here for years, and they're still good. I was a little surprised to see this gentleman making the pancakes. Has he replaced