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> A teacher isn’t meant to make you feel better; only to make you look harder, which often in truth amounts to feeling worse. — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) February 16, 2020 [https://twitter.com/


> The one advantage the elderly have over the young is knowing how much they don’t (and will never) know. — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) August 9, 2019 [https://twitter.com/PicoIyer/status/1159677946916818944?ref_

A boulevard for Hafez in Washington, DC?

At another site I've compared the way some other countries are honoring their histories and achievements with portraits on their currency [http://mikeschultz.posthaven.com/tag/money] while the US is spinning its

Pico Asks

> Each to his own, but if it's a choice between spending time with Megan Kelly and Emily Dickinson, which will be richer in surprises? — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) August 10, 2017 [https://twitter.com/

Thomas Merton Slows Down

> “The very act of resting,” Thomas Merton saw, “is the hardest and most courageous act one can perform.” — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) October 18, 2015 [https://twitter.com/PicoIyer/status/655811526943641601]