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A teacher isn’t meant to make you feel better; only to make you look harder, which often in truth amounts to feeling worse. — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) February 16, 2020


The one advantage the elderly have over the young is knowing how much they don’t (and will never) know. — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) August 9, 2019

A boulevard for Hafez in Washington, DC?

At another site I've compared the way some other countries are honoring their histories and achievements with portraits on their currency while the US is spinning its wheels trying to honor Harriet Tubman

Pico Asks

Each to his own, but if it's a choice between spending time with Megan Kelly and Emily Dickinson, which will be richer in surprises? — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) August 10, 2017

Thomas Merton Slows Down

“The very act of resting,” Thomas Merton saw, “is the hardest and most courageous act one can perform.” — Pico Iyer (@PicoIyer) October 18, 2015