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Handwritten, with a purpose

> In the last days before midterms, small army on the left is sending handwritten postcards by the millions https://t.co/y55PnZ4LxV — William Wan (@thewanreport) November 2, 2018 [https://twitter.com/thewanreport/status/

Recognized Nostalgia

> The lost virtue of cursive https://t.co/KAh9MdAgpK — The New Yorker (@NewYorker) October 24, 2016 [https://twitter.com/NewYorker/status/790674351137980417] But appreciated

Q on handwriting

Anne Trubek's essay at The New York Times [http://nyti.ms/2bqQ4we]; Q's post [http://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/schedule-for-tuesday-september-27-2016-1.3780334/is-handwriting-obsolete-in-the-digital-age-1.3780358] ,including examples of Christopher Rouleau's work.

By hand helps

> To remember what you see and read, fist steps to #reclaim [https://twitter.com/hashtag/reclaim?src=hash] conversation: take noes by hand. https://t.co/Cxo8Ye52IF — Sherry Turkle (@STurkle) April 24, 2016

148 Charles Street

From "148 Charles Street," Willa Cather's recollection of Mrs. James Fields in Not Under Forty, recommended to me by Brain Pickings [https://www.brainpickings.org/2016/02/25/willa-cather-relationships/]— > When one was staying