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Handwritten, with a purpose

In the last days before midterms, small army on the left is sending handwritten postcards by the millions https://t.co/y55PnZ4LxV — William Wan (@thewanreport) November 2, 2018

Q on handwriting

Anne Trubek's essay at The New York Times; Q's post,including examples of Christopher Rouleau's work.

By hand helps

To remember what you see and read, fist steps to #reclaim conversation: take noes by hand. https://t.co/Cxo8Ye52IF — Sherry Turkle (@STurkle) April 24, 2016

148 Charles Street

From "148 Charles Street," Willa Cather's recollection of Mrs. James Fields in Not Under Forty, recommended to me by Brain Pickings— When one was staying at that house the past lay