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The past isn't past?

“It isn't only living people who die, it is great stretches of living, which can die even when the people who lived there still exist. “It isn't only living people who

Another by Faulkner on Time

“There is no such thing as was—only is. If was existed, there would be no grief or sorrow.” —William Faulkner https://t.co/ZbjWs0Y9Gf — The Paris Review (@parisreview) November 29, 2019

Time. In the South

-All the King’s Men (RPW) so much richer than I recalled from rushed reading in college. And throwaway line near the end (like Faulkner's “past” but less labored) resonated w

Anderson Bridge

A real plaque marks the spot where William Faulkner's character Quentin Compson committed fictional suicide https://t.co/hTvmbVaxoa — Atlas Obscura (@atlasobscura) May 14, 2016 Till now, the only marker

Meditations on Time

I've meant to record these two for a while— Time passed. But time flows in many streams. Like a river, an inner stream of time will flow rapidly at some places and sluggishly