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How Did I Miss this Kickstarter?

> Just when you thought your smartphone was pluripotent....now you can control cyborg cockroaches http://t.co/RHiCUp3BaT no thanks! — Eric Topol (@EricTopol) October 9, 2013 [https://twitter.com/EricTopol/statuses/387793122031198209] I

A New Empi

I was given an Empi machine Tuesday. It’s an electrotherapy device that ” produces a mild electrical current transmitted via lead wires to electrodes placed on the skin.” This is how it looks

Backyard Brains and OT

Jad Abumrad posted this yesterday. > After my talk on Sunday, this guy show me how to hook up a severed cockroach leg to an iPad pic.twitter.com/LwMTcCVZ [http://t.co/LwMTcCVZ]

Giving Empi a Try

Trying the Empi system on my wrist. It’s pretty amazing—sort of like a Galvani response on my wrist. Is this what therapy has done for me—moved me down the chain