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How Did I Miss this Kickstarter?

Just when you thought your smartphone was pluripotent....now you can control cyborg cockroaches http://t.co/RHiCUp3BaT no thanks! — Eric Topol (@EricTopol) October 9, 2013 I [first heard about stuff like

A New Empi

I was given an Empi machine Tuesday. It’s an electrotherapy device that ” produces a mild electrical current transmitted via lead wires to electrodes placed on the skin.” This is how it looks

Backyard Brains and OT

Jad Abumrad posted this yesterday. After my talk on Sunday, this guy show me how to hook up a severed cockroach leg to an iPad pic.twitter.com/LwMTcCVZ — Jad Abumrad (@JadAbumrad)

Giving Empi a Try

Trying the Empi system on my wrist. It’s pretty amazing—sort of like a Galvani response on my wrist. Is this what therapy has done for me—moved me down the chain