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In the Beginning

> The Marvelous Health Benefits of Chocolate: A Curious Medical Essay from 1631 [] — Open Culture (@openculture) February 13, 2015 [

As American as...chocolate

> Why Hot Chocolate Might Be More American Than Apple Pie [] — Morning Edition (@MorningEdition) February 12, 2015 [

Really, Whole Foods!

> Your love deserves heart healthy dark chocolate this year. #healthYeah [] [] — Whole Foods Vienna (@WFMVienna) February 6, 2015 [https:

Health Benefits of Chocolate

> How Dark Chocolate, Not Milk Chocolate, May Help Blood Flow — NPR Health News (@NPRHealth) July 2, 2014 [] More at my Posthave site [http:

More about chocolate

The New York Times has more good news for chocolate lovers [] today > In recent years, large-scale epidemiological studies have found that people whose diets include dark chocolate have a

Chocolate, Passover, and More

Observations on Passover from yesterday's New York Times []. > I am a vegetarian, and it’s Passover. So until Tuesday night I am abstaining not only from all kinds of