Alone Together

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.@vivek_murthy stopped by #SXSW 2022 for a conversation on loneliness and the importance of community trust and social connection. — SXSW (@sxsw) March 13, 2022


Back to robots and health care. This time with video. Not much of it comforting (to me). via The New York Times

Learning from Amazon Locker

Amazon’s lockers gave me a shameful taste of a world without people — The Verge (@verge) March 28, 2017 This will make you reconsider

And I can't even get used to bot sex

Experts predict human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050 — Quartz (@qz) December 26, 2016 @gdjasuja's comment is priceless—Are you sure the world will have humans by 2050?

Robot Companionship?

Lonely at the wheel? Toyota wants to sell you a talking robot to keep you company: — CNNTech (@cnntech) October 11, 2016 Only $400 (and