Alone Together

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> .@vivek_murthy [] stopped by #SXSW [] 2022 for a conversation on loneliness and the


Back to robots and health care. This time with video. Not much of it comforting (to me). via The New York Times []

Learning from Amazon Locker

> Amazon’s lockers gave me a shameful taste of a world without people [] — The Verge (@verge) March 28, 2017 [https://twitter.

The evidence is mounting

> Could smartphones be eroding our trust in others? — Fast Company (@FastCompany) January 13, 2017 []

And I can't even get used to bot sex

> Experts predict human-robot marriage will be legal by 2050 — Quartz (@qz) December 26, 2016 [] @gdjasuja's comment is priceless—Are you sure the world

Robot Companionship?

> Lonely at the wheel? Toyota wants to sell you a talking robot to keep you company: [] — CNNTech (@cnntech) October 11, 2016