March 10, 2015


Got dressed in real clothes today for the first time in more than a week, and did much of the work myself. OT Danielle showed me how to use a grabber to pull shorts and pants up my legs and it went surprisingly well. Tempting me on my bed is the implement I'll learn to use in this afternoon's session—a leg lifter I should be able to use to get my legs out of bed by myself. It's too bad it reminds me so much of an imaginary dog.

Here's a picture that was snapped shortly after I arrived in this center and before the rehab sessions had begun. I needed to have an IV placed to finish a course of antibiotics—I've already lost three IVs that have been placed for me, and I'm a remarkably tough "stick" (probably needed IV drugs too many times over the years). It took the work of three nurses to make this one work.