Personal Best

Took advantage of wonderful weather today to take a walk at Huntley Meadows. This was especially welcome since I was closeted all day yesterday with deliberations of a Toastmasters nominating committee (and missed the last piano recital of the current season doing it). I really pushed myself and walked father on the trail than I have ever attempted. Huntley Meadows is a good place to do this because it is a wide, level trail and it has benches placed on the trail at distances that allow me to take breaks at comfortable intervals. I was not the only person with walking challenges taking advantage of this park today.

Huntley Meadows is a wetlands, and today I was able to walk as far as the place where the trail begins to loop around the marsh. I have been especially anxious to get this far--and I hope farther--because this is a protected habitat for all kinds of widlife that promises to have lots to see. The trail across the marsh is named Heron Trail for some of the birds that are regular there. The trail was full not just with walkers and kids but with people carrying binoculars, telescopes, and cameras with long lenses. They clearly were expecting a good show.

at Huntley Meadows