September 9, 2007

orange and brown

I've been really involved with the papers this morning—not the news but the sections that do the reviews of the upcoming arts seasons. Washington will see shows of Ansel Adams, Annie Leibowitz, J.M.W. Turner, and Morris Louis. The Metropolitan Opera will be premiering a Phillip Glass opera, and the New York City Opera is mounting Vanessa, one of my favorites. Some interesting recitals in both cities, too.

But what really interests me is the beginning of the football season. I'm a Clevelander transplanted to Virginia, and my Browns have to open against their archrivals, the Steelers. I am appropriately suited up in my "I may live in Virginia, but my heart bleeds orange and brown" t-shirt. I figure I have just a few more hours to enjoy an undefeated season before reality sets in and I start hearing from my Steeler and hardcore NFL friends. Like every other Cleveland fan, I am wondering how well Brady Quinn will play in the NFL and when he will see action.