September 10, 2007

does it matter

Today's the day—General Petraeus will start his long-awaited testimony to Congress. And about all the response I can work up is "So what". The issue for me is not how much progress are we making or how many troops should we bring home or how quickly should we bring them home. The issue for me is why are we in Iraq at all. What I want Congress to recognize is that George Bush fabricated his case for war. He lied, and the people who work for him lied. Instead of validating his arguments with benchmarks and timetables and troop levels, instead of wondering whether we end with victory or success or something less, we should just confront him with the evidence that his war was false. I don't understand why our so-called leaders in Congress won't hold to account the man who says he demands accountability from so many others. What's going on in Congress this week is just meant to divert us from a painful truth—we've lost our idealism, our honor, and our credibility.