One foot in front of the other

Garrison Keillor offers some good advice in his weekly column. I reviewed my listening during isolation and was amazed to see the amount of Bach's music I had listened to in this time. I'd love to picnic with him and the novelists he imagines he meets. I'd just like to add George Eliot to the group.

I go back and read my heroes, Liebling, Mary Oliver, Horace, Montaigne, and listen to some Bach and Chopin and Fauré, and that keeps me sort of balanced. Time rushes on but if I need to stop it, I go for a walk. The advent of the internet and social media and Google have not changed the tempo of walking. If you leave your phone behind, you walk into the park and you’re back in the 19th century and Dickens or Proust or Mark Twain could walk up and ask you for directions.