Kaspersky One Transantarctic Expedition

It's been hard for me to follow the Scott Expedition without recalling that Felicity Aston became the first woman to ski across Antarctica alone two years ago. Just found something I wrote at the time.

>Today is the 100th anniversary of Anundsen's arrival at the south pole, and NPR marked the occasion by interviewing Fecility Alston, who hasn't quite reached the pole herself. Hearing this interview conducted by cell phone and reading Felicity's Twitter stream provided a vivid contrast to the event as reported yesterday by the New York Times. Scott was in thrall to the ideas of gentlemanliness and sportmanship, and he wouldn't use sled dogs on his trip. What would he have made of cell phones and Twitter? ( For the record, I don't think they make Felicity's achievement less significant.)

As gripping as her trip was and as closely as I folowed it, I don't think she's half the storyteller that Ben and Tarka are.